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My name is Garance. I am originally from France where I trained as a midwife between 2013 and 2018. 

I worked in a Parisian public hospital for more than three years rotating between delivery rooms, triage and the postpartum wards. I also  worked in London for six months.

In 2022, I followed my husband to NYC.

Finding myself unable to work as a midwife in the US, I found myself drawn

to being a doula. It was the missing link between my skills as a midwife

and my desire to work with  couples over a longer period of time.


While working as a midwife in France, I have delivered over five hundred babies.

I am also trained in sophrology, breastfeeding support,

spinning babies and pelvic floor therapy. 

It was in London that I discovered hypnobirthing and thanks to Maeva’s mentorship (HypnoDoula Maeva), I now support women in labor with a hypnobirthing and mindfulness approach.


My aim as a doula is to give you evidence based information and emotional support that will help you make informed choices for yourself and your family, feel empowered, and trust your body and your instincts. 

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