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Experience pregnancy and birth with a dedicated French midwife as a doula in NYC*

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My name is Garance. I am originally from France where I trained as

a midwife between 2013 and 2018. 

I worked in a Parisian public hospital for more than three years rotating between delivery rooms, triage and the postpartum wards. I also worked in London for six months.

In 2022, I followed my husband to NYC.

Finding myself unable to work as a midwife in the US, I found myself drawn

to being a doula. It was the missing link between my skills as a midwife

and my desire to work with couples over a longer period of time.


While working as a midwife in France, I have delivered over five hundred babies.

I am also trained in sophrology, breastfeeding support,

spinning babies and pelvic floor therapy. 

It was in London that I discovered hypnobirthing and thanks to Maeva’s mentorship (HypnoDoula Maeva), I now support women in labor with

a hypnobirthing and mindfulness approach.


My aim as a doula is to give you evidence based information and emotional support that will help you make informed choices for yourself and your family, feel empowered, and trust your body and your instincts. 

Garance JUSSELIN NYC Doula
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To prepare for the arrival of a child with peace of mind,

it's important to have reliable, practical and up-to-date information.

My prenatal classes are a blend of theoretical knowledge about pregnancy, birth and postpartum, physical exercises and mindfulness tools to help you navigate labor and welcome your child according to your birthing project.


In the comfort of your own home, I offer a package of four pre-birth and one postpartum classes, but we can also customize the number of sessions to suit your needs.


A class usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours

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From 37 weeks onwards, we remain available by phone day and night until your delivery. Before labor begins, you can text or call us at any time

with any questions - there are no stupid questions during pregnancy! 

As soon as labor begins, we offer in-person support at home and then at the place where you wish to give birth.

Our role is to assist you and your partner emotionally during childbirth, advocate for you if necessary and support the three of you during

the immediate postpartum (skin-to-skin, breastfeeding/ bottle feeding, recovery tips). We normally stay two hours after the birth, leaving you to bond as a family when all the medical aspects are stable and you feel comfortable. 

(If we are both sick at the time of the birth, a back up doula will be available for you.) 

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“I always say that breastfeeding is like new shoes”:

your breasts and your baby have to adjust to each other, which can take up to a week and be difficult. 

But with confidence, love and good support, it's the most beautiful thing on Earth. Breast milk is designed to meet your baby's exact needs, so it's not only the healthiest way to feed your baby, but also the easiest once the process is established. I will teach you about the physiology of breastfeeding, as well as show you the ideal positions for your body and your baby.

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The postpartum period is especially challenging in the U.S. where medical follow-up stops altogether. 

In France, it is common practice to have two or three visits with a midwife during your baby's first weeks to ensure that you and the baby are both adjusting well and to answer the questions that invariably arise as new parents.

I now offer these visits as part of my doula package.


During my visits, I'll check that your breasts and perineum are recovering well and check in on your mental health. I'll show you newborn care, how to bathe your baby and answer all your day-to-day questions.

A visit usually lasts two hours.

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The goal of pelvic floor therapy is to advise you on how to take care of your perineum as well as teach you the right habits and exercises for a healthy pelvic floor.

In the US, people are told to do Kegels without any guidance often leading to no improvements.

In my sessions, I assess the functionality of your muscles and teach you targeted exercises to practice on your own.


I also offer a prenatal session to teach you the exercises you can begin to do after birth and how to push effectively.


We meet in the comfort of your own home, the first appointment lasts one  hour and follow-ups are 30 to 45 minutes.


Garance - Doula services LLC

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